Wisconsin Interoperability Initiative
Day 1: 5/14-5/17/17 WIPSCOM Conference
Web Posted:  5/14/2017 - 5/17/2017

NENA and APCO working together as WIPSCOM invite telecommunicators, PSAP managers and agency managers to attend the May 14-17, 2017 conference held at the Kalahari Conference Center in Wisconsin Dells.  Sunday's pre-conference is a hands on suit up day for telecommunicators to work with Police, Fire, and EMS in an active settings seeing how decisions are made when you take and dispatch the calls.  Get ready to get involved.


Monday thru Wednesday regular conference schedule is available on the WIPSCOM website at WIPSCOM.ORG.  One of the guest speakers this year is Patty Wetterling and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, NG911, Stress Management, Trainers Track, Continuity of Operations, Suicidal Callers to mention a few.  Please see our web site for registration information.


Registration information can be found here




Printed Friday, April 20, 2018